Layered Lettering

Happy 2012!

pencils on paper, collaged digitally with some old inksplatters I had lying around


before the collage

yes, pencils and pencils.

Thoughts, single words, lyrics or quotes that I find running through my head over and over again and dear feelings are usually a sign for me that they need to "get out" as an illustration on paper. And the character forms I draw change their usual appearance through the texture of the paper and/or the stroke of the pencil I'm using.

They are all drawn on 190g/qm thick paper without the use of transfer, transparent paper or a layout table. I draw and finish the illustration in one day.

If you tell the truth
Quote by Mark Twain
pencils on paper

Please stop the time
pencils on paper

Bon voyage
to myself on my first flight to the US in July 2009
pencils on paper

pencils on paper

Simple is beautiful
pencils on paper

pencils on paper

Anaesthetise me just till you return
longing & lyrics from the song "Music for a nurse" by Oceansize
pencils on paper

Readjust pencils on paper

something pencils on paper


This Illustration was made for Ralf Herrmann who just started the Typography Magazine TypoJournal #1 in October 2009 and needed a full page illustration for an article about beautiful, randomly found typography.

I drew this at first on a A5 sketch pad with 3H, H and B pencils, made ink splatters, scanned standard brown wrapping paper, assembled everything on PS and added shades and highlights here and there where the scanner couldn't grab enough of the pencil shades and strokes with my pen tablet intuos2 (wacom).

Detail 1

Detail 2